5 Things You Should Know About WESTERN® Scrape Lock

Created August 19, 2022

Scrape lock

At Western Products, we believe that understanding and optimizing your plow is the best approach to getting the job done faster and safer. With this in mind, we built Scrape Lock into our light duty plow line years ago, but there are still some misconceptions about what this performance-enhancing feature can do. So, we are taking a moment to revisit the advantages of our Scrape Lock technology.

Why is Scrape Lock Unlike Any Other Downforce System?

The WESTERN Scrape Lock system is unique compared to competitive systems because it does not exert any “downforce” or additional pressure to keep the cutting edge in contact with the surface. It simply holds the blade and locks it in its downward position without adding pressure, restricting it from any upward movement. Scrape Lock and competitive downforce systems both help achieve a cleaner scrape even though the functionality is completely different.

A big reason why other downforce systems can be turned on and off is that sometimes they are too powerful for the applications, such as decorate concrete, and can damage surfaces. This is not a concern with the Scrape Lock design because it holds the blade instead of forcing it down, making it gentler on sensitive surfaces and prolonging the life of your cutting edge.

How to Activate & Engage Scrape Lock

Scrape Lock works without adding additional hydraulic circuits to your system. The lift arm is attached directly to the A-frame, keeping your plow lightweight while effectively holding the blade down. This design also allows the A-frame to freely float while in operation.

To activate Scrape Lock, the plow blade must remain all the way down, in float, before the relief valve engages.

  1. Lower the plow blade all the way down so it is in contact with the ground.
  2. Enter Float Mode—press the lower button on the handheld control and hold it for about a second to enter float mode.
  3. Once the float light comes on, Scrape Lock is engaged.
  4. To raise it, you will need to exceed 400 psi to raise the plow and overcome Scrape Lock.

Turning Lightweights into Heavyweight Contenders

Lighter plows have the tendency to bounce up on uneven surfaces which can make achieving a clean scrape difficult if the blades not in constant contact with the surface. Scrape Lock allows you to lock the plow in place, providing the performance of a larger plow without the extra weight.

Direct Lift vs Chain Lift:
WESTERN uses direct lift for some of its lighter plows, and chain lift for its larger plows. The scrape Lock’s design was intended for these lighter-duty plows that have a difficult time scraping because of their lightweight design.

This is why Scrape Lock is not compatible with our larger WESTERN plows. However, since these models weigh more and have fewer issues riding up on the snow, it is generally not necessary or required.

Which WESTERN Plows Have Scrape Lock?

Scrape Lock made its debut as a standard feature on our HTS™—the original half-ton plow it was designed for. Shortly after, we expanded usage to enhance both the DEFENDER™ and IMPACT™, as well.

You may notice it is not a standard feature for the ENFORCER™ v-plow but that is only because this model is a chain lift plow that also features a back-drag edge. Since the two features—Scrape Lock and back drag edges—serve separate purposes, we’ll provide some additional context to illustrate how they differ.

Back Drag Edges Compared to Scrape Lock

As the name implies, these easy-to-install back drag edges ensure a clean scrape when back dragging snow. They angle of the back drag edge is more aggressive to make digging into underlying snow and ice much easier.

Constructed of 0.25″ abrasion-resistant steel, they’re built to be as rugged and durable as every other component of your plow. Back drag edges are recommended for larger WESTERN plow models, especially if your site requires pulling snow away from an obstacle.

To check if back drag edges are compatible with your plow model, visit our full snowplow accessory lineup.

We’re Here to Help

As you’re preparing for another season, it’s important to get to know your equipment. Pay attention to the available features to maximize both efficiency and performance. If you have any additional questions about Scrape Lock, don’t hesitate to contact a dealer near you.