Wide-out plow Wide-out plow

Adjustable Winged Snowplow

  • Blade Widths: 8'-10' & 8'6"-11'
  • Fits: Truck Class 2 - 5 & Tractors
  • Moldboard: Powder-Coated Steel


Adapt to whatever the weather throws your way with the WESTERN® WIDE-OUT and WIDE-OUT XL adjustable wing snow plows. Offered in two blade sizes, the WIDE-OUT XL model extends from 8′ 6″ to 11′ in straight blade mode, making it the widest WESTERN plow for truck applications. The plows are our tallest winged plows at 31″ and feature independently controlled, flared wings that retract at the push of a button to maneuver in smaller and tighter areas.

Unique Features

Standard Plow Features

Product Specs

Models8'-10' (#180210-higher)8'6"-11'
Moldboard OptionsSteelSteel
Moldboard OptionsSteelSteel
Blade WidthRetracted: 8'
Expanded: 10'
Scoop: 8'10"
Retracted: 8'6"
Expanded: 11'
Scoop: 9'10"
Blade WidthRetracted: 2.44 m
Expanded: 3.05 m
Scoop: 2.69 m
Retracted: 2.59 m
Expanded: 3.35 m
Scoop: 3.00 m
Blade HeightAt Center: 31"
At End: 35"
At Center: 31"
At End: 36"
Blade HeightAt Center: 78.74 cm
At End: 88.90 cm
At Center: 78.74 cm
At End: 91.44 cm
Blade Thickness14 ga14 ga
Blade Thickness2.11 mm2.11 mm
Shock AbsorbersOptionalOptional
Shock AbsorbersOptionalOptional
Trip Springs44
Trip Springs44
Lift Cylinder1.75" x 8"1.75" x 8"
Lift Cylinder4.45 cm x 20.32 cm4.45 cm x 20.32 cm
Angling Rams1.5" x 10"1.5" x 10"
Angling Rams3.81 cm x 25.40 cm3.81 cm x 25.40 cm
Plowing Width
(Full Angle)
Retracted: 7'2"
Expanded: 9'
Scoop: 7'11"
Retracted: 7'11"
Expanded: 10'6"
Scoop: 9'6"
Plowing Width
(Full Angle)
Retracted: 2.18 m
Expanded: 2.74 m
Scoop: 2.41 m
Retracted: 2.41 m
Expanded: 3.20 m
Scoop: 2.90 m
Approx. Weight*
(Without Mount)
1,020 lb1,090 lb
Approx. Weight*
(Without Mount)
462.66 kg494.42 kg
Cutting Edge0.5" x 6"0.5" x 6"
Cutting Edge1.27 cm x 15.24 cm1.27 cm x 15.24 cm
Mount TypeUltraMount® 2UltraMount 2
Mount TypeUltraMount® 2UltraMount 2
*Does not include vehicle mount (28 lb to 145 lb weight range). Please refer to the Quick Match program for specific vehicle applications.

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