Western Enforcer in action Western Enforcer in action


  • Blade Width: 7'6"
  • Fits: Half-Ton Trucks
  • Moldboard: Stainless Steel or Powder-Coated Steel


The WESTERN® ENFORCER v-plow, with trip-edge design, is constructed of high-strength, low alloy steel that makes it stronger and lighter than conventional steel, and the ideal weight for half-ton trucks. The ENFORCER v-plow is engineered with all the features, efficiency and performance of full-size WESTERN v-plows, brought down into a lightweight design for today’s businesses and homeowners using half-ton trucks.

Unique Features

Standard Plow Features

Product Specs

Moldboard OptionsSteel/Powder Coated
Moldboard OptionsSteel/Powder Coated
Blade Width7'6"
Blade Width2.29 m
Blade HeightAt Center: 27"
At End: 33"
Blade HeightAt Center: 68.58 cm
At End: 83.82 cm
Blade ThicknessSteel: 14 ga
Blade ThicknessSteel: 1.98 mm
Trip Springs2
Trip Springs2
Lift Cylinder1.25" x 8.625"
Lift Cylinder3.18 cm x 21.91 cm
Angling Rams1.5" x 12"
Angling Rams3.81 cm x 30.48 cm
Plowing Width
(Full Angle)
Full Angle: 6'7"
Scoop: 6'5"
Full V: 6'9"
Plowing Width
(Full Angle)
Full Angle: 2.01 m
Scoop: 1.96 m
Full V: 2.06 m
Approx. Weight*
(Without Mount)
Steel: 553 lb
Powder Coated: 508 lb
Approx. Weight*
(Without Mount)
Steel: 250.84 kg
Powder Coated: 230.43 kg
Cutting Edge0.375" x 6"
Cutting Edge0.95 cm x 15.24 cm
Mount TypeUltraMount® 2
Mount TypeUltraMount® 2
*Does not include vehicle mount (28 lb to 145 lb weight range). Please refer to the Quick Match program for specific vehicle applications.

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