Impact plow Impact plow

Straight Blade & V-Plow

  • Blade Width: 6'0"
  • Fits: Full Sized UTVs & Series 1 Tractors
  • Moldboard: Powder-Coated Steel


Winter knows no limits—which means you shouldn’t either. Built exclusively for utility vehicles and compact tractors, the WESTERN® IMPACT Heavy-Duty snow plows are professional-grade plows built to go anywhere that demands WESTERN-grade performance. Constructed from high-strength, low alloy steel components, both the straight blade and v-plow feature an easy-on/easy-off mounting system and removable receiver brackets for exceptional ground clearance. IMPACT heavy-duty plows also feature Scrape Lock for clean scraping and back dragging.

Unique Features

Standard Plow Features

Product Specs

ModelsV-PlowStraight Blade
Moldboard OptionsSteelSteel
Moldboard OptionsSteelSteel
Blade TypeV-PlowStraight Blade
Blade TypeV-PlowStraight Blade
Vehicle CompatibilityFull Sized UTVs & Series 1 TractorsFull Sized UTVs & Series 1 Tractors
Vehicle CompatibilityFull Sized UTVs & Series 1 TractorsFull Sized UTVs & Series 1 Tractors
Approx. Weight*
(Without Mount)
355 lb261 lb
Approx. Weight*
(Without Mount)
161 kg118 kg
Plowing Width**
(Full Angle)
Full Angle: 5'0"
Scoop: 4'7"
Full V: 5'0"
Full Angle: 5'4"
Plowing Width**
(Full Angle)
Full Angle: 1.5 m
Scoop: 1.4 m
Full V: 1.5 m
Full Angle: 1.6 m
Blade Width6'0"6'0"
Blade Width1.83 m1.83 m
Blade HeightAt Center: 25.75"
At End: 29.25"
Blade HeightAt Center: 65.4 cm
At End: 74.3 cm
59.7 cm
Blade Thickness14 ga14 ga
Blade Thickness1.90 mm1.90 mm
Trip Springs22
Trip Springs22
Lift Cylinder1.5" x 6"1.5" x 6"
Lift Cylinder3.8 cm x 15.2 cm3.8 cm x 15.2 cm
Angling Rams1" x 8.75"1" x 7"
Angling Rams2.5 cm x 22.2 cm2.5 cm x 17.8 cm
Cutting Edge¼" x 5"¼" x 5"
Cutting Edge0.6 cm x 12.7 cm0.6 cm x 12.7 cm
*Does not include vehicle mount weight. Please refer to the Quick Match program for specific vehicle applications.
**IMPACT UTV V-Plow: For UTVs with a wider wheelbase, width can be adjusted to: Full Angle 5'6" (1.7 m), Scoop 5'5" (1.6 m), Full V 5'6" (1.7 m)

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