Learn How WESTERN® Can Improve Plow Security

Created June 8, 2020


After investing in a new plow, the last thing you want is to have it stolen. Unfortunately it happens more often than people expect and contractors can’t afford to lose their money makers. It’s best to take a couple preventive measures for plow security in order to keep it safe.

Improve Plow Security With the Exclusive WESTERN® SECURITY GUARD Anti-Theft System

Electronically lock your WESTERN plow when it is detached from your vehicle by utilizing the SECURITY GUARD anti-theft system feature introduced in 2009. This safe and secure approach is preferred over physical locks that can be easily cut and removed.

When activated, it synchronizes the plow controller and plow module using a 4-digit security code that can easily be activated or deactivated from the comfort of your cab. It deters theft by disabling the electrical control system and locking the hydraulic functions, rendering the plow inoperable to unauthorized users. Once a plow and control are connected, you shouldn’t need to enter the code again unless you switch out the control or plow. Operators with multiple plows should consider using the same code for the entire fleet to easily transfer plows if needed.

For additional information about SECURITY GUARD, here is a video that shows how it works and explains the various features and benefits. If you have a WESTERN plow that was manufactured prior to 2009, you can still take advantage of SECURITY GUARD by purchasing a wiring kit.

#44484 Master Kit (Includes Plow & Truck Side)
#49664 Plow Side Kit
#44486 Truck Side Kit

Additional Security Measures to Protect Your Plow Investment

If your vehicle does not use a WESTERN plow, there are other viable options to protect it. It’s wise to use multiple security measures since it’s impossible to entirely eliminate equipment theft but you can reduce the temptation, making it harder for thieves.

  • Register your snow plow so there is a record of ownership.
  • Engrave the serial number in a hidden spot so it cannot be tampered with after the plow is reported stolen. This is also a good way to confirm if it’s yours.
  • Keep the plow on your vehicle if possible but if you have to remove it, store your plow in a secure and well-lit area with cameras or motion sensors.
  • Remove the pins and include pad locks on your coupler system to prevent someone else from attaching it to their vehicle.
  • Park defensively and potentially use larger machines to block in easier to steal items.
  • Cover your assets and get insurance on your plow equipment.

Remember, thieves are sneaky and like to work overtime on the weekends and holidays. Be sure to have your equipment protected so you are worry-free when away.