The Benefits Of Transitioning to LED Headlights This Winter

Created October 30, 2020

Western plow Wide-Out

Plow drivers are usually out before the sun rises when visibility is difficult. As the industry continuously evolves, new products are introduced to the market to help snow and ice contractors improve safety and efficiency—one of which are LED headlamps.

Lead the Way, Clear As Day

The WESTERN® NIGHTHAWK™ LED Headlights are designed with EdgeView™ Technology to provide the best all-around view of the plow’s operating environment. Light is directed through the outer edge of each headlamp, illuminating the entire plow and allowing for a full 180 degrees of visibility.

Once you start using LEDs, it will be hard to go back to traditional halogens. SEE the difference for yourself: LED vs Dual-Halogen Headlight Comparison

Top 5 Benefits of NIGHTHAWK LED Headlamps

We looked at the disadvantages of LED headlamps and solved them in the WESTERN way, creating a product that fits the needs of winter contractors. Here are a few reasons you might want to make the switch to NIGHTHAWK LEDs this winter:

  • Improved Visibility: Early LED headlamps were not omni-directional making them ineffective because the light only went in one direction. Instantly illuminate your entire view with EdgeView Technology—WESTERN’s patented directional lighting that shoots down and to the side, covering all directions. Traditional blind or “dark” spots become visible so plow drivers can see each edge of their plow and anything in the immediate surroundings. The superior light pattern not only goes wider but also farther than other headlamps, allowing drivers to see signs, people and potential obstacles over a hundred yards away. That’s more than 2X the light output of halogens, with high beams extending light even further for a 350 yard view.

  • Defined Horizon & Placement: The precisely-tuned pattern and defined low beam cutoff line keeps the light from illuminating above the horizon, reducing the glare off snowflakes and giving a clearer view down the road. The enhanced solid optic elements for low and high beams place light exactly where it’s needed, instead of relying on reflectors that scatter light.

  • Intuitive Heating System: The perception that LED headlamps will freeze over and not function in winter is irrelevant when you’re using NIGHTHAWK LEDs but can be a major disadvantage with other LED options. Since the lighting elements themselves don’t give off much heat, not just any aftermarket LED will work for winter services. The NIGHTHAWK LED’s have an intuitive heating system that senses the temperature and turns on the heat only when necessary. In addition, the lens has a forward slope and no bezel where ice typically forms on other lamps in order to combat ice bridging.

  • Longer Lifespan: Although the initial investment of LEDs compared to dual-halogen headlamps are greater up front, the benefits of LEDs strongly outweigh the initial cost. The components of an LED and the way they generate light significantly extends the lifespan of these bulbs so you won’t need to replace them nearly as often as halogens. LEDs are rated for up to 50,000 hours of continual use versus a sealed beam or a halogen headlamp at 300 to 500 hours. On average, halogens will last a season to a season and a half versus LED headlamps that will last for the life of the plow. That’s a big difference that can reduce maintenance and down time—a definitive payback you can calculate.

  • Superior Reliability: Built with durability in mind, the WESTERN headlamps offer a compact design that is less prone to shock and vibration while plowing. Featuring a completely sealed, weatherproof housing to stand up to harsh weather conditions, NIGHTHAWK LED headlamps have undergone thorough testing. This includes hot and cold thermal shocking, cold water submersion, corrosion tests and impact simulations to prepare them for winter’s worst.

Ensuring that you have the right headlamps for the job is important but they also need to be aimed correctly in order to achieve optimal visibility. Visit this additional article for more information on how to properly align your snowplow headlamps.

Let There Be Light

Ready to experience the advantages of NIGHTHAWK LED headlamps this winter? Avoid plowing in the dark and contact your local WESTERN dealer for more information and pricing. The performance is truly unbeatable.