October 6, 2009

WESTERN SECURITY GUARD Snow Plow Anti-theft System Protects

SECURITY GUARD Snowplow Anti-theft system


WESTERN SECURITY GUARD Anti-theft System: Safe and Secure Way to Electronically “Lock” Your Snow Plow

WESTERN Snowplows, the leader in snowplows and ice removal equipment, today announced its exclusive SECURITY GUARD Snowplow Anti-theft system.

SECURITY GUARD Snowplow Anti-theft System provides a safe and secure way to electronically “lock” WESTERN snowplows, providing a deterrent from theft or non-permitted use.

“Security is a top priority for WESTERN,” said Patrick Dietz, senior product manager for WESTERN Snowplows. “We’re proud to offer this innovative solution for WESTERN owners to help keep their equipment secure.”

SECURITY GUARD works by electronically synchronizing the snowplow control and the snowplow’s electrical system. When activated, the system disables the electrical controls and renders the plow inoperable to unauthorized users.

SECURITY GUARD is currently available on select WESTERN snowplow models.

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