March 8, 2018

Western Products Announces New Size and Design for WIDE-OUT™ Adjustable Wing Plows

Key Highlights

The all-new WESTERN WIDE-OUT plows are now two inches taller and feature a flared wing design, giving them the ability to be more efficient out on the job.

The WIDE-OUT™ XL snowplow is an all-new 8′ 6″ version that extends to 11′.

Enhancements include flared wings, taller blade, and an all-new WIDE-OUT™ XL 11′ plow

MILWAUKEE (March 08, 2018) — Western Products, manufacturer of WESTERN® snow removal and ice control equipment, has announced key enhancements to their flagship WIDE-OUT™ adjustable wing plow, including the brand-new WIDE-OUT™ XL plow. These design changes were announced at the 2018 NTEA Work Truck Show® in Indianapolis.

The new WIDE-OUT plow is now two inches taller, going from 29″ to 31″. The design updates also include much-anticipated flared wings. This size update allows for snow operators to be more efficient on their jobs. They can carry more snow with each pass and move on to the next job more quickly than ever before.

Western Products has also announced a brand new, larger version of the plow, called the WIDE-OUT XL adjustable wing snowplow. In straight blade mode, it extends from 8′ 6″ to 11′, making it the widest WESTERN plow for truck applications. This plow is specifically designed to handle tough, heavy contractor work.

Snowplow operators will have the same control and versatility with the new WIDE-OUT plows, which feature an innovative hydraulic adjustable wing technology. The operator can change the wing position from straight blade to windrow to scoop from the comfort of the driver’s seat, saving more time on the job.

“The WIDE-OUT snowplow has always been about efficiency and control, and these updates enhance both of those key values,” said Doug Clark, product manager for WESTERN. “The new flared wings and increased size are powered by quality construction and our innovative technology, and it all adds up to our customer getting even more jobs done faster.”

To take on the toughest jobs, the new WIDE-OUT plows are reinforced by vertical ribs (six on the WIDE-OUT and eight on the WIDE-OUT XL) and a heavy-duty quadrant. Also, a dual  WESTERN POWER BAR provides exceptional torsional strength and rigidity across the entire back of the plow blade to eliminate blade twisting.

The innovative wings slide laterally across a new, structurally reinforced slide box to prevent bending, even under the heaviest loads.

Information on the all-new WIDE-OUT and WIDE-OUT XL adjustable wing plows will be available on the WESTERN website in May 2018