March 17, 2017

Western Products Introduces New Oscillating Skid-Steer Mount for Snowplows

Skid steer
Key Highlights

New mount provides six degrees of side-to-side oscillation for improved scraping.

The oscillating mount also ensures more even cutting-edge wear and less damage to terrain.

Both the PRODIGY™ and the PRO-PLUS®  snowplows are available with the new mount option.

Delivers better scraping, improved cutting-edge wear, and more precise operator performance

MILWAUKEE (March 17, 2017) – Western Products, manufacturer of WESTERN® snow removal and ice control equipment, announces a new oscillating mount option for the PRODIGY™ and PRO-PLUS® skid-steer snowplows.

The mount, which attaches the snowplow to the skid-steer loader’s universal plate, features six degrees of side-to-side oscillation. This new feature allows the plow to adjust to uneven terrain, providing better scraping and plowing performance. The improved scraping also benefits the blade’s cutting edge, which wears more evenly, performs better and can last longer.

The new design of the mount also puts more control into the hands of the operator by using bucket hydraulics on the skid-steer loader to raise and lower the blade.

“We set out to make plowing easier and more effective for our skid-steer customers,” said Doug Clark, Product Manager for WESTERN Products. “This new mount helps the operator do a better job in less time, which is always our goal.”

WESTERN currently offers two skid-steer-compatible plows: the straight-blade PRO-PLUS snowplow and the PRODIGY multi-position wing snowplow.