April 13, 2023

Western Products Introduces New MARAUDER™ Hopper Spreaders

marauder hopper spreaders - new 2023 product
Key Highlights

Western Products has launched its new line of MARAUDER™ stainless steel hopper spreaders.

Streamlined, corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction comes in multiple sizes, with capacities ranging from 0.35 cu yd to 5.0 cu yd.

Choose between the all-new HELIXX™ shaftless auger delivery system or the pintle chain delivery system.

Streamlined, stainless steel design offered with choice of material delivery system

Western Products, the leading manufacturer of snow and ice control equipment, unveiled its newest MARAUDER™ line of hopper spreaders at the 2023 NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, Indiana in early March.

Built with riveted, stainless steel construction that resists corrosion, the MARAUDER hopper spreaders are made to withstand the toughest winter weather conditions. An optimized end cap design moves more material through to the material delivery system for a consistent spread. Fleet owners now have the option of a pintle chain delivery system for thick, heavy de-icing materials or the all-new HELIXX™ shaftless auger for precise rock salt application.

MARAUDER hopper spreaders will be available in the following capacities: 0.35 cu yd, 0.7 cu yd, 1.5 cu yd, 2.2 cu yd, 3.0 cu yd. 4.0 cu yd, and 5.0 cu yd.

  • 0.35 cu yd and 0.7 cu yd units are optimized for UTV applications.
  • 0.7 cu yd through the 5.0 cu yd units are made for trucks from half-ton through large work trucks and flatbeds.
  • 1.5 cu yd through the 5.0 cu yd units will offer a pre-wet accessory kit that provides pre-wet activation for rock salt or direct liquid application performance.

“Our new hopper spreaders ensure our contractors have the right tool for the job,” said Pedar Steinquist, Ice Control Product Manager for Western Products. “With streamlined delivery and customizable options to meet each operator’s specific needs, we’re confident that our customers are going to count on these MARAUDER hopper spreaders for all their ice control needs.”

The MARAUDER line also features an extended-chute design to deliver smooth material flow and minimize leakage. With an all-new material spill-protector flap, the MARAUDER prevents spillage near the vehicle cab, reducing corrosion damage to the vehicle.

More information coming in June, 2023!