March 16, 2017

Western Products Updates Plow Line With New Halogen Headlamps

Plow with bright headlights
Key Highlights

New, brighter NIGHTHAWK headlamps greatly improve plowing visibility and safety.

An improved dual-glue seal and GORE-TEX® patch-protected vent help minimize water ingression.

Structural design provides excellent shock and vibration resistance.


New headlamps are 36% brighter and shine 35% further; standard on all WESTERN® plows

MILWAUKEE (March 16, 2017) – Western Products, manufacturer of WESTERN® snow removal and ice control equipment, has announced all-new NIGHTHAWK™ halogen headlamps for its full line of truck snowplows.

Designed for increased visibility and safety, these new headlamps are 36% brighter and offer a 35% increase in high-beam distance compared to previous headlamps.

The improved NIGHTHAWK headlamps are also engineered to withstand the toughest weather conditions.  Features like an improved seal and GORE-TEX® patch-protected vent help keep moisture out of the casing to maintain high performance and durability, season after season.

“It’s no secret that snowplow drivers do most of their work in the middle of the night, ” said Doug Clark, Product Manager of Western Products. “We upgraded the performance, durability and even the look of our headlamps to help increase visibility, safety and quality of work for those out getting the job done. Plus, they look great.”