May 18, 2010

Western Snowplow’s Improved Powder Coat Formula Improves Rust and Corrosion

UltraFinish Powder Coat


ULTRAFINISH Baked-On Powder Coat with New Primer

The Western ULTRAFINISH™ baked-on powder coat now features an epoxy primer to further enhance powder coat adhesion and improve corrosion resistance.

Standard on all WESTERN snow plows, ULTRAFINISH is an automated powder-coating process that starts with an eight-wheel shot blaster pre-treatment to remove mill scale and abrade surfaces for optimum adhesion. It continues with an automated, multi-stage pre-wash that provides superior surface preparation. And finally, after the epoxy primer is applied, a series of robotic guns deliver precise, consistent powder coat coverage.

By incorporating the new epoxy primer to the already-impressive ULTRAFINISH powder-coating process, WESTERN snow plows boast industry-leading wear, rust and corrosion resistance. This is in keeping with WESTERN’s reputation for CONTRACTOR GRADE® quality.

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