September 9, 2013

August Winner of the WESTERN® 5 Plow Giveaway Announced

Pile Driver


WESTERN® announces the August winner of its 5 Plow Giveaway sweepstakes. Gary Benson of Dreamscapes Landscaping in Buffalo, N.Y. won a WESTERN PILE DRIVER™, a heavy-duty containment snowplow designed to move maximum yards of snow in minimal time.

To celebrate its newly expanded line of snowplows, the WESTERN 5 Plow Giveaway continues to award one plow per month now through December. The September giveaway is the HTS™ (Half-Ton Snowplow), a full-size, full-featured plow designed for lighter half-ton, four-wheel-drive pickup trucks. Its 7½’ wide straight blade handles personal and light commercial use with rugged, pro-like performance without the extra weight.

Fans can double their chances of winning the HTS half-ton snowplow by signing up on both the WESTERN plows website and Facebook page. One winner’s name will be drawn at the beginning of October and then announced on the WESTERN Facebook page.

View more information on the WESTERN 5 Plow Giveaway or see the new snowplow models.