PILE DRIVER™ (TRACE) Accessories

Chain or Binder Kit for Pusher Plows

Binder Kit

For safety and stability, a binder kit (or chain kit) is highly recommended when plowing with the bucket still attached to the loader. The binder kit secures each side of the plow to the bucket, so it moves in sync. This can keep the plow from torqueing off when encountering an obstacle or pushing snow into a pile and backing up.

Part Number

For All Models
back drag edge for pile driver trace

Back Drag Edge

Ensure a clean scrape every time when back dragging snow. Built to be as rugged and durable as every other component of your pusher plow. Constructed of durable polyurethane and steel mounting components for simple installation.

Part Number

For 8' Models
For 10' Models
For 12' Models